Swallow. Critical Theory and Hot Dudes is an independent international homo-publication featuring works by renowned and emerging artists, writers, designers, researches, photographers and illustrators from all around the world.

    Critical theory and hot dudes, the premise of Swallow, is not just an awkward hybrid. It's a superhero. A radioactive accident bringing two seemingly different fields together. Swallow is a spandex-wearing toxic creature that gets its powers from its duality.

    The editorial line of Swallow. Critical Theory and Hot Dudes aims to find interesting, surprising intersections between texts from different fields of critical theory and images of hot, sexy dudes, depicting masculinity and male sexuality. Swallow's voice mixes the filthy with the sophisticated, bodily fluids with gin&tonic.

    The concept of the publication is influenced by Michel Foucault’s definition of genealogy as “an investigation into those elements which we tend to feel [are] without history.” Each issue of Swallow puts a spotlight on one of those elements (Facial Hair, Tattoos, Urine and Leather for example,) and exposes their built-in connections and history. This process recharges them with new meanings and relevance, as a way to enrich the discussion about them.